Mark McFarlane - Developer in Tokyo
Mark McFarlane Developer

Yup, Tacchi Studios made Canvas. We hope you like it!

We're always looking for feedback on how to make Canvas better, or to hear your stories about how Canvas helped you to find someone to work with or be inspired by. Please email me at with any comments!


Me = Product Management, UX direction and a little web development

Adam Akhtar ( = Web development and typographic design.

Robbie McFarlane ( = Web development

Alex Towli ( = Web development

Junta Mitsugi ( = UX Research and planning.

There's also a team page at

About Mark

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Mark McFarlane

I'm a developer in Tokyo, Japan

Founder and director of Tacchi Studios, a digital product agency in Shibuya, Tokyo. 💗 cats, food, cycling, design, tech.

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