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Mark McFarlane - Developer in Tokyo
Mark McFarlane Developer

The Tacchi Studios team (my company, and creators of Canvas) were very lucky to be able to work with the fantastic Charles Spreckley, founder of People Make Places, on an iOS app and website to accompany the high-end concierge service and wonderful book.

The App

A mobile companion to the beautiful book and concierge service of People Make Places. The book and app feature a carefully curated list of places in Tokyo, in an article format featuring stunning photography.

We worked with Charles and his team to take the existing house style and apply it to a mobile context. We created an experience for iPhone and iPad that combined the best parts of reading a physical book, while making the best use of the digital platform, including image galleries, maps and directions and a special “taxi card” for non-Japanese speakers.

To provide the app with updatable content we also created a cloud-based content management system, allowing the PMP team to easily edit and add new content in the future.

The Website

We also designed and developed a responsive marketing and e-commerce website to help spread the word about the brand and products, and allow customers to buy the book directly.

In addition to the core Tacchi Studios team, Trent McBride, a long-time collaborator and good friend of the studio was an important member of the design team on this project.

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