My Canvas Business Card

Mark McFarlane - Developer in Tokyo
Mark McFarlane Developer
My Canvas Business Card

I needed to quickly throw together a Canvas business card for myself to hand out to creatives and potential investors at the Tech in Asia conference, and decided that I'd use the profile screen from the site as my layout.

I was happy with this approach as it reminded me of my old business card from my freelance iOS developer days, which was based on the iPhone's contact page with my details on it.

People often used to comment that it was a fun and unique design, and I really liked giving it to people. Unfortunately I stopped using that card as Tacchi started to get more serious, so it's nice to have this one as a secondary card. Hopefully as Canvas starts to become more well known, this new card will delight recipients as much as my old one.

The backside looks more like a small flyer, with some basic copy and on-device images to help people understand the platform a little. It's not great, but does the job for now.

I only spent about 30mins putting it all together before running out to the print shop, so it could definitely be improved with more time. But I'm happy with it for the time being.

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Mark McFarlane

I'm a developer in Tokyo, Japan

Founder and director of Tacchi Studios, a digital product agency in Shibuya, Tokyo. 💗 cats, food, cycling, design, tech.

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