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Mark McFarlane

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About me

Hello world! I'm founder and director of Tacchi Studios, a digital product agency in Shibuya, Tokyo.

We love crafting beautiful and highly usable apps for iOS, Android and the web by working closely with brands and startups to make digital experiences that meet real business needs.

My professional role is hard to explain in a title... perhaps Digital Product Guy?! On any given project I'll distribute my time between one or more roles depending on project scale, team, platform etc. This includes being product manager, UX director, UX researcher, design director, mobile developer and probably a hundred other roles!

I'm a lover of cats, food, cycling, running, design, tech, consumer electronics, art and business! :D

BTW we made Canvas! So if you have any feedback, please get in touch! :D

My Creations

  1. Speed Learning

    18 June 2015

    An epically sized system containing iOS, Android, web apps, API servers and third party integrations! We also handled UI/UX.



    Espritline needed to offer its CD and text based learning materials on a range of mobile and web platforms in order to meet the needs of existing customers... continue reading

  2. Tacchi Studios provided full service application design and development for graniph's mobile apps and accompanying backend server.

    iOS App -

    Android App -


    graniph (lower-case ‘g’) wanted a way to showcase its super-fast-fashion to the always-mobile Tokyo shopper, in the process driving customers to its online... continue reading


    18 June 2015

    Yup, Tacchi Studios made Canvas. We hope you like it!

    We're always looking for feedback on how to make Canvas better, or to hear your stories about how Canvas helped you to find someone to work with or be inspired by. Please email me at with any comments!


    ... continue reading

  4. My Canvas Business Card

    7 September 2015

    I needed to quickly throw together a Canvas business card for myself to hand out to creatives and potential investors at the Tech in Asia conference, and decided that I'd use the profile screen from the site as my layout.

    I was happy with this approach as it reminded me... continue reading

  5. As part of Tacchi Studios' user testing efforts, we make a lot of use of's wonderful screen and camera recording system. However, when testing websites on tablet, we couldn't do this without a custom web browser app that implemented Lookback's iOS SDK... so we made a basic one in... continue reading

  6. Taken at Hinode mountain (日の出山) at sunrise on Jan 1st 2016.

    We partied in Shibuya until 2am, drove out to the mountain and hiked to the top in the darkness, just in time for this beatiful sunrise. A wonderful experience.

    I don't consider myself a photographer, but I like abstract... continue reading

  7. Canvas FAQ

    28 March

    [You can read the FAQ over on Medium at We'll be adding links to it in the Canvas interface in the very near future.]

    Canvas is still young, and we're building as we learn from our members. But as the community grows we're receiving an increasing number of... continue reading

  8. Link:

    I couldn't actually bring myself to watch this until just now, about six months after the event! At that time we only had just over a hundred members, and things have changed a fair bit, so thought now might be an interesting time to share it.

    Apologies for... continue reading

  9. A few photos I took one evening when I was bored and looking for some learning. 

    I decided to head out onto the streets of Shibuya with my GH4 camera accompanied only by the 7-14mm f4.0 wideangle lens and see what I could do.

    I don't think the results are... continue reading

  10. In case you ever wondered how we decide what to build next. 

    Now you know.

    (A bit of silly fun for Friday night)

    Learn more about the people at